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Interested in getting top dollar for your home? Or just looking for an amazing upgrade or renovation? My goal is to make your home convey warmth and style that’s appealing for both you and potential buyers.

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I bring decades of design experience to help renovate or stage your home to its most glorious form. My passion and care for my clients means you’re guaranteed a partnership that promises high returns on your investment.

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Simple Transformations

Even simple improvements can make your home look completely different, leading to a more inviting and inspiring environment.



When a little more effort is needed to update your home, Wright Touch can manage your renovation so your investment pays dividends if and when you decide to sell.


Smart Updates

Updates and upgrades can make a major difference in the appearance and contemporary feel of your home. Wright Touch will give you honest recommendations that make the most impact and impress.


Staging Your Home for Selling

What is Staging?

When you get ready to place your home on the market for sale it becomes a product. The product has features and benefits as well as pluses and minuses, and competition. To compete with the competition in the marketplace, it must be priced right and look better than the other products you are competing with. Staging is the process of preparing your home for sale, using a proven professional set of guidelines. Your house is reviewed and any modifications are made as necessary. Real estate agents will have great confidence in showing the home to potential buyers because they know it is staged and properly prepared to be sold.

How do I work?

I meet with you, either by myself or with an agent at their listing presentation.  I walk through the house with you, learning about you and your possessions. I do a second walk-through, making notes and taking photos. I return to my office and prepare an exclusive detailed report. I set up another appointment with you to present the report. I talk with you about completing part or all of the report. We complete the paperwork. I give you a list of things to complete before I return to do the staging. We select a day that you can leave the home and I complete the staging. I give you the “wow” tour and give you instruction on how to maintain your home.

What will I do to your home?

The primary goal of staging your home is to make it appeal to the most amount of buyers as possible. This means that we need to convey a de-personalized and de-cluttered home so that buyers can see the house and it’s features, not the current home-owner’s “stuff”. I will make sure that your home has the best view of each room portrayed at the buyers entry to that room, and that there is an easy traffic pattern through the home. We also want to create an inviting sense of comfort so buyers will “linger” in each room, giving them more time to imagine living there. Today’s buyers are usually two income families that are too busy to do much work on their new home. They are looking for “move-in ready” homes that also give the message that the home was well-cared for. We will advise you on repairs or finish replacement in your home as well.

How will you benefit?

Most staged homes get top dollar based on comparative homes of equal value in the neighborhood. Most staged homes have a shorter selling time than the competition, which directly relates to the price you will sell the home for. You get to live in a clean, organized home that is pre-packed, saving time on moving day. The less time your home is on the market, the less time you spend cleaning and maintaining the staged look for showings.

About Cheryl “Sherry” Sperty, CAPS, Owner

Cheryl excelled on the South Florida Chapter Board of the National Kitchen and Bath Association since 2005, in positions from secretary to her current position of Chapter Representative.

She holds a Certificate in Business, Residential Design, and Certified Aging In Place (CAPS) and most recently, Residential Staging.  She is a firm believer in educating oneself to be a powerful asset to clients, keeping up with current trends, and has taken many training courses in the field of design and business success in recent years.

She is also a friend to animals and children’s organizations, including St. Jude and Autism. She has grown and then donating her long hair for children with cancer twice and donates a portion of her income to these causes on a regular basis.

“I have known Sherry for many years and she has always been committed and passionate about any endeavor in the design world that she has been involved in.”

Solange Boice, CKD, CAPS

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